Special event this week

Tomorrow evening is fun special event:
our club’s annual Speech Evaluation Contest and the Humorous Speech Contest. A fun and entertaining evening.

Our test speaker for the speech evaluation contest will be Mary Ann Jawili.

Speech evaluation contestants will then take 5 minutes to prepare their critiques and each come in and give their evaluations.

Our three contestants will be, not necessarily in this order:
Keith Hoang
Kylie Baker
John Angelico

Then our three contestants in the Humorous Speech Contest will take the stage … no, not all at the same time. Let’s get ready to rumble with laughter:
Paula D’Oyen
Patrick Dooley
John Angelico

Judges: Yes, we have a fine panel of judges. But we’ll keep their names under wraps until the contest just to keep everything on the up on up.

See you tomorrow at 6:15pm. Please arrive early so we can get organized and start on time at 6:30.


— Steve