Sierra Speakers Meeting Recap – First Meeting 2011

Another great evening at Sierra Speakers. The theme was Ringing In the New, Brushing Aside the Old, and you could tell lots of people were on board with this theme.

We had a room full of guests. Welcome everybody! We hope you had a wonderful time. Would the person who took home the guest sign-up sheet get in touch so we can get in touch with all of you?

We had two terrific speeches from two very experienced speech makers. Anna Lien, our brand new co-president, told us why her mother calls her a trouble-maker. If you know Anna you know why most of us found this hard to believe, but the imagery in her speech was fantastic, and she had us all smiling as she told her story.

Jim Fox, a long time member, but a guest last night, talked to us about the Krupps family dynasty. We all got a fascinating history lesson going back to the Franco-Prussian War. Fun fact number 1 – the British licensed the bomb technology they used in the first world war from this German company. Fun fact number 2 – to collect on this licensing agreement, the Krupps had accountants on both sides of the water counting bomb blasts. They matched their figures and agreed upon the amount the British owed the Germans for bombing them.

Michael Simpson was our Toastmaster, he kept the meeting moving along smoothly, and he had at his side Tim Ryan as Jokemaster. Tim, a British ex-pat, told us a joke about the Irish, involving beer and libraries. We are eagerly looking forward to a response from our Irish ex-pat….

Table Topics was especially lively this week (thanks to Michael Guerin), as we heard some great stories involving New Year’s Eves past – both biggest regrets and best nights ever. Keith Hoang gave us some great predictions for 2011, if it’s even half as good as Keith promises, we are in for a pretty spectacular year.

Thanks to all who showed up and if you were a guest and are thinking of joining us, just jump in. The hardest part is the anticipation, each speech gets easier, and the sooner you join, the sooner you’ll be a better public speaker.

See you all next week, Thursday, January 13th 2011.

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