Sierra Speakers Meeting Recap – Final Meeting 2010

Happy New Year!
Sierra Speakers had our final meeting in 2010 and it was a good one!

New member Brian Cutter filled us in on the Golden Gate Bridge – not just the real reason it’s red and not gold, but also what design elements we should be looking for when we cross it, and why they are significant.

Anna Lien updated us on a project she completed last summer – successfully coaching three Toastmaster presidents to achieve their club goals. With this speech, Anna completed her High Performance Leadership project. She is on her way to attaining her DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster), the highest level in TM. Congratulations Anna!

You may already know how bad bottled water is for the environment, but did you also know that it consistently loses to tap water in blind tastings? Michael Simpson’s speech gave us the statistics to back us up when we are making the sustainable choice.

Table topics were all about preparation for the new year. Matt McCabe, another new member, kept the questions interesting. One or two of us even answered the question as it was asked.

Toastmasters Steve Aitkins and Tim Ryan ensured a lively meeting – we heard about Tim’s Mom’s excellent holiday planning skills involving a turkey and an outhouse. We also learned that outhouse is British for porch.

And for those who were interested, Steve Aitkins had a video of his infant son taking a bath.

Steve and Anna Lien were elected co-presidents, Matt McCabe stepped up as Treasurer, Tim Ryan will take on a piece of the PR work and I seem to be writing these updates.

Please join us at this week’s meeting Thursday January 6th –

Katherine Florio
Sierra Speakers

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