Sierra Speakers 1/21/16 Meeting Minutes

Theme: Unforgettable Mentors and Leaders WoD: Pusillanimous (adj)

Toastmaster: Patrick Dooley
Joke Master: Regina Chien
2-Minute Special: Page Edwards
G/E: Elliot Alyeshmerni
Eval #1: Gene Halavanau
Eval #2: Duncan De Wet
Grammarian: Arthur Khurin
Ah Counter: Deepali Chugh
Timer: Regina Chien

Speaker #1: Victor Siu delivered CC#3, Get to the Point; “Real Estate Demystified
Victor discussed some of the key issues in evaluating whether a particular real estate purchase made sense, using specific San Francisco neighborhoods as examples. Time – 6:43. Gene’s evaluation came in at 3:28.

Speaker #2 Luis Vilela also delivered CC#3, Get to the Point; “Where is Everyone?
Luis discussed the future of technology and whether humanity was doomed to extinction. Let’s hope not! Luis referred to previous speeches by Patrick Dooley, Christen O’Brien, and Page Edwards. Hopefully humanity can avert our annihilation at the hands of super-intelligent computers through political involvement. Time – 6:33. Duncan’s Evaluation came it at 2:30.

Our Table Topics Master was Christen O’Brien, and she had a super fun Superbowl theme.
Ian (guest) – :57
Roman (guest) – :44
John Buffington – 1:35
Regina – 1:00
Arthur – 1:00
Duncan – :50
Drew Stamm – 1:06
Tony (guest) – 1:50
Gene – 1:32

We had sixteen attendees, 13 members and 3 guests.