September 1, 2016 – Meeting Notes

Our Toastmaster for tonight’s meeting was Deepali Chugh. The meeting began with a “2-minute Special” by Puneet Lath. Puneet shared his frustrated, yet chuckle-worthy, perspective on car-share programs versus automobile ownership.

Sharon Zhang, tonight’s General Evaluator, continued the meeting with the introduction of the Grammarian (John Buffington), “Ah” Counter (Arthur Khurin) and Timer (Drew Stamm).

Following these introductions, Deepali introduced the first speaker of the evening, Stephen Hutton. Stephen performed his third speech from the Competent Communicator manual. This was Project #3 – Get to the Point. The title of his speech was “Pulling Your Own Weight”. Stephen told us about the many benefits of resistance training. He explained that exercises using our own body weight can help tone our muscles, strengthen our bones and increase our metabolism.

The second speaker was our Club’s Vice President of Public Relations, John Buffington. He shared the newly-published Public Relations “Success Plan” for our Club. Working as a team with Jennifer Drapisch (Club Secretary) and Steve Aitkins (Club President), John described how a number of initiatives have already been implemented. He invited his fellow Club members to get involved by “liking” the Facebook page and interacting with our LinkedIn and Google+ profiles.

The final speaker of the evening was Steve Aitkins, our Club President. He reviewed the results of the recently-held Club Leadership meeting and proposed new Sierra Speakers Toastmasters membership dues.

Following the speeches, Paola Ayala provided the Speaker Evaluation for Stephen Hutton’s speech.

The meeting concluded with reports from the Grammarian, “Ah” Counter, Timer and General Evaluator.