June 3rd Meeting Report

Last week saw another entertaining Sierra Speakers meeting at the Schwab building. The theme of the meeting was ‘passion’ and we certainly saw lots of it in both the organized and impromptu speeches.

We had a lively opening from our Sergeant At Arms, Elizabeth Cruz, who had a Q&A with the audience about their passions and interests. Next, our Toastmaster for the evening, Shaun Abram, shared his passion for martial arts before turning things over to the General Evaluator, Corito Sevilla who introduced the evaluation team for the evening.

The speeches were kicked off by Aaron McClay giving his second speech from the Competent Communicator manual, entitled “Flying High”. Aaron talked us through his fear of flying (or rather, fear of crashing!), the adventures this had gotten him in to and how he is overcoming his aerophobia.

Next, we had Mike Simpson giving us his 3rd speech from the Advanced Manual: Speaking to Inform. This had to be hands down the most memorable speech I have seen at Sierra Speakers. Mike shared with us his passion for yoga, including some breathtaking demonstrations of yoga positions. It is now official: Mike Simpson can give a better presentation standing on his head than most of us can on our feet!

Helen Chao was our Table Topics Master for the evening. Pretend you’ve written a book and explain why. Titles included ‘Still stripping after 25 years’, ‘Knitting with Dog Hair’, ‘How to cook Husbands’ and much more! The answers were surprising, funny, and all well delivered.

For the evaluation section, we had a new format where each speaker had not one, but two evaluators. This enabled more people to practice their evaluation skills and the speakers get valuable feedback from varying perspectives.

Finally, a special thank you to all our guests for coming: Newcomers Angel Mata, Lisa Farrell, Mahesh Naidu and Debora Becattini; Return guests Chuck Schulz and Magnus Johansson; And former members Rich Israels, Jim Fox and Nelson Lau. It was great to see you all! You are all welcome back any time.

Elizabeth Cruz is scheduled to be our Toastmaster at this week’s meeting. Hope to see you all there…

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