Jennifer’s #10

Last week we had a really nice meeting with lots of energy, laughs and some very useful information.

Angie Chau gave a very impressive work-related speech and I gave a speech on our club’s mentorship program, which is getting re-engerized. It aims to help all members no matter how long you’ve been in Toastmasters.

Select anyone in the club that you feel comfortable teaming-up with, so that you both can create synergy and give and take feedback for each other as you give speeches and take on other speaking roles.

Anyway, we talk more about it tomorrow and in the coming weeks.

Jennifer Arbuckle returns tomorrow for another one of her enchanting speeches, her last. Her tenth speech. And we’ll have a speech on roles and responsibilities.

Come out and support Jennifer as she presents her final speech in the Competent Communicator manual. Woo hoo!

It’s going to be a great meeting. See you at 6:20pm at FIDM.

–Steve Aitkins