It’s our big contest night!

We hope you can join us this evening for a really fun special event:

It’s our club’s annual Speech Evaluation Contest and Humorous Speech Contest. A fun and entertaining evening. Sit back and enjoy. No Table Topics. No regular meeting items.

Our test speaker for the speech evaluation contest will be Mary Ann Jawili.

Speech evaluation contestants will then take 5 minutes to prepare their critiques and each come in and give their evaluations.

Our three contestants will be, not necessarily in this order:
Keith Hoang
Kylie Baker
John Angelico

Then our three contestants in the Humorous Speech Contest will each take the stage. Let’s get ready to rumble with laughter:
Paula D’Oyen
Patrick Dooley
John Angelico

Judges: Yes, we have a fine panel of judges. But we’ll keep their names under wraps until the contest just to keep everything on the up and up. Bribes are frowned upon.

See you today at 6:15pm. Please arrive early so we can get organized and start on time at 6:30.


— Steve Aitkins